Alumni Joins Ivy League

Class of 2020 Samuel Jacobs is attending Ivy League university, The University of Pennsylvania Wharton. When asked how his eight years at Tree prepared him for an Ivy League education, Sam said, “My education has given me a firm foundation on which I have been able to develop a genuine relationship with Christ in addition to a pursuit for wisdom. Tree’s faculty truly took a genuine interest in my holistic development, teaching me how to love and serve the world around me.” 

Sam decided to attend an Ivy League “… to equip myself with the best tools in order to have the maximum impact for God’s Kingdom. Secondly, I am a firm believer that “iron sharpens iron.” Attending the #1 business school in the world provides me with the opportunity to surround myself with peers, mentors, and faculty who force me to constantly strive for excellence in all endeavors.”

Tree of Life is committed to educating the heart, hands and head, as clearly demonstrated by our academic excellence. Graduates from Tree consistently earn high scores on the ACT, and students from the class of 2020 were accepted into top schools including Miami U (Honors program), Northwestern, Washington U in St Louis, U of Chicago (Honors program), Washington and Lee VA, Case Western Reserve, and Carnegie Mellon.