Jen Strous Class of 2017

jen-strous-portraitWhat do you love most about Tree of Life Christian Schools?

The friendly atmosphere

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.

Welcoming. Within all the fun events that the school has to offer everyone seems to be fun, welcoming and encouraging – whether it’s during school or outside of school.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and the impact that this person has in your life.

Miss Hood has made me realize more about my faith and what I can improve on in order to build my relationship with Christ.

How are faith and learning integrated at Tree of Life?

Faith and learning are combined in the daily classroom lectures and in devotions during first period.

In what ways are Tree of Life preparing you for college and life?

TOLCS has prepared me with the workload, with establishing friend groups, and with valuable lessons about my faith that I can take with me throughout my life.

What would you tell a friend to encourage them to consider TOLCS?

Tree of Life gives everyone a fun, welcoming environment where they can grow in their faith and their knowledge.