Colleen Hoffman
Elementary Principal

Jog-a-thon was an incredible success!  Being my first year experiencing this event, I was overwhelmed by it’s magnitude of blessing.  This year’s school theme – “Practicing God’s Presence” – perfectly fit the occasion.  God’s presence was abundantly clear to me throughout the entire day.  From the hundreds of school families and friends that financially supported the event and sponsored our students, to the vast number of volunteers who donated their time to help make this event possible.  Many of these volunteers do not even have elementary students, but they wanted to be a part of the day.  Amazing!  God’s presence was evident in the fabulous activities and the sheer joy they each brought to our students.  The Indianola and Dublin students beautifully demonstrated positive sportsmanship by cheering each other on, displaying 1 Thessalonians 5:11 and our call to “encourage one another”.  The weather was perfect too, which was another complete answer to prayer.

God was clearly present and vibrantly showing off His goodness to us and His love for our school ministry.  His hands of blessing were all over this memorable day!  I pray that you are feeling God’s blessing upon your life today, and that your days reflect the glory of Jesus Christ.