School Uniforms

School uniforms are worn during the school day in grades one through twelve.* So that consistency and quality will be maintained, School Closet, Ltd. and School Belles (formerly Educational Outfitters) are the school’s vendors. A complete listing of the Tree of Life selections is available at each of the vendors below. School uniform pants may be purchased from other stores in addition to School Closet, Ltd. and School Belles as long as they are the same colors (navy and khaki), style and sized to fit as our standard uniform pants. Acceptable vendors include uniform sections of department stores or uniform divisions of name brands (i.e. Dockers, Dickies, etc.). The Tree of Life school store, lifeStyle, provides also items that are approved for uniform. The lifestyle store is a student run business located in the main hallway of our Northridge Campus. store_logo_300

Other Uniform Providers:

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