Mark Your Calendar: Today – Thur., April 22 – 25  MAP testing K-5      Please be sure your child gets a good night sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, and arrives to school on time. Thur/Fri., April 25-26   Fifth Grade Retreat Thursday, April 25 – Rise T-Shirt Day Thur – Sat, April 25-27  High School Theater production […]

Dublin News: 4/22

This Week at Dublin TOL Monday-Friday: MAP Testing is this week! Please help us by making sure that your children are at school,  and that they get a good night’s rest. Wednesday: Moms’ Prayer Group (9:20-10:20 a.m) Did you know that Moms’ Prayer group only has three more meetings left this year?!  If you haven’t had […]

Dublin News: 4/15

**NOTE** We DO have school on Tuesday, May 7th.  In last week’s post I mentioned our campus would be closed due to voting but the church is not being used this time.  So sorry for the confusion.  Please send your student to school as usual.  Thanks! This Week at Dublin TOL Tuesday: The Cafe is […]

This Week at Indianola: Wednesday, April 17 – Future Facility Parent Forum – 7:00 pm @ Ministry Center Lecture Hall – this is a second opportunity for parents who were unable to attend the previous meeting.  Click here for details:  Parent Forum email Thursday, April 18 – Jog-A-Thon Kick-off:  Watch for information coming home with your […]

This Week at Indianola: Friday, April 12 – Grandparent’s Day   PS/K @ 11:15; Gr. 1-5 @ 1:30 Saturday, April 13 –  10:00 am to 5:00 pm – Tree of Life Advancement and Athletics Mattress Fundraiser – click here for the details: Elementary parent mattress invite (3) Mark Your Calendar: Wednesday, April 17 – Future Facility Parent […]

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