Fresh Uniform Options for Middle School & High School

Dear TOL Middle School and High School Families,

As we continually look to receive input in ways we might improve, we are happy to deliver some updates with regard to student uniform wear at the middle and high school levels.

You may or may not be aware of our guiding convictions with regard to student dress. This is important to understand as there are typically many “guiding” ideas when discussing our appearance. So as not to get sidetracked in a sea of personal preferences, below are the guiding motivations for our student dress.


The Tree of Life Middle School and High School Dress Code Seeks to:

  • Minimize dress distractions to the overall learning environment by not making too much or too little of our appearance.
  • Provide a common standard of unity and graciousness for how we treat each other in the area of modesty and appearance.
  • Increase school spirit by bolstering an esprit de corps attitude within the student body with what they are able to wear during the school day.
  • Provide a manner of identification during the school day by creating some dress distinction between students and non-students.


Our goal is to implement these purposes with simplicity and limited cost to our school families. That is why we are happy to announce some adjustments to our dress guidelines.

All items for sale from our own TOL LifeStyle Store will be immediately available for students to wear any day at school. We believe this will provide greater ease of purchasing as well as reduce costs. We trust these adjustments will make life a little easier for TOL families.

Though we will “officially” implement these new options for the 2019-2020 school year, we would like to provide middle and high school students the opportunity to wear any gear from the LifeStyle Store beginning January 2019. This would simply be an expansion of what students may wear and therefore not create any restricting change to a student’s current wardrobe. This also allows us to ease into these new adjustments without putting an overwhelming burden on the LifeStyle Store during July and August. All non-logoed polos and oxfords will be phased out of the TOL dress code by August of 2020.

Please click HERE for a more detailed description of our dress guidelines for the 2019-2020 school year.

Let us know what you think and stop by the LifeStyle Store to peruse your student’s options. You may end up choosing an item or two for yourself.


Have a blessed day!

Brent Davis and Lynn Tolley