Can you help w/ internships or job-shadows during J-Term?

Dear High School Student Body and Parents,

As you know, we will have our J-Term experience when we return from Christmas break. J-Term is a five-day, mini-term, between the semesters (January 3-9) where students and teachers participate in coursework intended to augment and expand the regular semester classes. One of the objectives is to provide opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting. Students will select a J-Term course before they leave for Christmas break.

J-Term is a great time for students to arrange alternative, mini-internships or job shadow experiences. Each student can make these arrangements on their own initiative and ambition. Students participating in a job shadow or mini-internship experience are not required to show up at school during regular hours from January 3-9 but would complete a minimum number of hours at their selected experience. This internship/job shadow opportunity is available for students from 9th – 12th grade.

Students should click HERE to complete an internship/job shadow proposal form. It is our desire to develop a well-known understanding that students are able to annually plan for an out-of-school educational experience during J-Term.

If you know of folks who might be able to provide a 5-day shadow/internship experience for Tree of Life students, please let me know (

FYI…Mrs. Osborn will provide a paramedic job shadow experience again with the Upper Arlington Fire Department. Students should contact her for more details.


Brent Davis