Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Tree of Life Financial Aid Program

The Financial Aid Program is designated to provide financial assistance for families with demonstrated financial need. Decisions are finalized based on need and not solely on income levels. Families are encouraged to consider the application process if there is a need for financial assistance. Financial awards are primarily determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment (FGAA), a third party assessment company.

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We are now offering two application periods for Financial Aid. Our desire is to communicate awards earlier to those families who choose to apply in January and February.

Application Deadlines

  1. Early Application period from January 15- March 1 
    Our goal for families who apply early is to determine and communicate awards by April 1. Applications must be received by FACTS on or before March 1. Please note: the majority of the funds will be awarded to families applying in the Early Application Period.

  2. Application received after March 1 Applications must be received by FACTS on or before April 15. Awards will be determined and communicated by June 1.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

  1. Apply online at
  2. You will be asked to supply copies of verification of income and all supporting documents, i.e. W-2s, income tax forms, etc.
  3. The application fee to apply is $35.00.
More Information about the Financial Aid Program

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