“In the Beginning God Created”

We see from the opening lines of Scripture that creativity is an essential component of our vocation as God’s image bearers. At Tree of Life, God’s own brilliant artistry is reflected in the artistry of our students. We’ve been blessed with world-class instructors who have helped create a beautiful and expressive culture of music, drama and visual arts that enriches the lives and sparks the imaginations of all members of our community. Instruction in the arts begins with our very youngest students, and culminates in high school with plays and musicals, exhibits, competitions, and performances that allow our students to explore and express their own perspectives, backgrounds and aspirations.

Starting in elementary school, Tree of Life students are taught to appreciate art through both art history and creation. Students are encouraged to use imagination while their creativity is both nurtured and challenged. Students learn the history and techniques of different eras, including integrating traditional and computer art.

In high school, art students progressively move through courses specifically designed to develop a wide range of skills. These courses culminate in the student creating a portfolio of work – demonstrating those skills.


The High School band provides multi-faceted opportunities for band members. It functions as the Tree of Life pep band at rallies and basketball games, and as a concert band, focusing on major works for a Thanksgiving/ Christmas Concert and Spring Festival.

Try-Out Procedures

Try-outs are held during the second and third full weeks of school for 9th through 12th grade students. All students participate in try-outs. Only new music is used to allow equal advantage to new and veteran players. Each student will play a scale or rudiment and a short excerpt from music being rehearsed. The try-out will establish the student’s placement within his/her section. If a student wishes to improve his/her placement, he/she may try the challenge system. The director retains the option of placing the student.


It is our desire at Tree of Life to provide a God-honoring atmosphere for all students to explore and develop their musical abilities, showing themselves to be good stewards of God’s gifts to them, and enjoying good music with their fellow students.
At the elementary level, children learn music appreciation through a dedicated special. This includes multiple play/performances throughout the year, along with musical worship during chapels.

While the Middle School choir is designed to introduce 7th and 8th graders to a formal choral experience, such as proper vocal technique, and 3 or 4 part singing, the High School choir further develops this knowledge and experience, introducing more complicated works, and fine-tuning the students’ individual choral abilities. They perform during two major events per year, the Thanksgiving / Christmas Concert and the Spring Festival.


Every spring and fall, the Tree of Life Theater department brings fantastic performances to the stage. The fall play provides students an opportunity to display their dramatic or comedic talents, while the spring musical gives students the chance to display their love for music.

Past performances include:

  • Fiddler on the Roof
  • Arsenic & Old Lace
  • Hello Dolly
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Diary of Anne Frank
  • Godspell

Digital Photography

Our Digital Photography class offers students an opportunity to learn how to use photography as an outlet for artistic and technological expression. Students learn the technical and artistic bases of photography by working hands on with high level equipment and the latest in photo editing software.

Digital Video Production

Our Digital Video Production class offers students an opportunity to learn how to use digital video as an outlet for artistic and technological expression. Students learn the technical and artistic bases of videography by working hands on with high level equipment and the newest in video editing software. Each year the class produces several short videos that represent different areas of video production.

Graphic and Web Design

In an age where the worldwide medium is the worldwide web, creating usable websites is becoming an art as well as a skill. It is becoming increasingly important that high school students are taught how to work in this arena. Our Graphics and Web Design course is designed to do just that. Students learn the basics of planning, organizing, designing, and creating logos, icons, web pages, and websites.